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Knowledgebase : Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of oil do I use? A: 2-cycle Generator: 2-cycle Air Cooled Engine oil with a ratio of 40:1 or 3.2 oz per 1 Gallon of Gas. Do not use Marine grade 2-cycle oil. A: 4-cycle Generator: SAE 10w-30 API SJ or SL A: Diesel Generator: 15W40 High ...
Q: How much oil do I use? A: For exact quantities refer to your owners manual. 4-cycle engines fill to the top mark on the dipstick. Be careful as too much oil can do just as much damage as too little. IF you overfill just lean it over and drain the exc...
Q: How long should I break in my Generator's engine? A: 30 minutes of unloaded run time. Change the oil after the first 20 hrs. of run time. Then every 50 hrs. after that.
Q: How long should I bleed my Pressure Washer lines for? A: 3 minutes or until no more air comes out of the system.
Q: Can I "Winterize" my Pressure Washer? Always store the pressure washer, parts, and accessories in an area with a temperature above 0
Q: Do I put oil in my pump? A: No, the pump comes pre-lubed from factory. If you decide to change your oil the recommended oil is SAE 30 non detergent. It should be filled 1/2 way.
Q: Where can I send my Warranty Card? A: JDNA P.O. BOX 481915 CHARLOTTE, NC 28269
Q: Where can I get service if its Non-Warranty? A: Any small engine repair shop or 1-877-777-4803. Parts are available through us.
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Q:What is my spark plug gap setting? A: Your gap setting should be between 0.028" - 0.31" (.7mm- .8mm)
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